Swim Video Analysis

Are you training hard but feel you are seeing little benefit?

Improving your technique and efficiency will help. Whatever your ability, advanced video analysis and stroke correction can help pinpoint the areas of your stroke that you should focus on.

Seeing yourself swimming from a variety of different angles, including under water, and having your stroke constructively analysed can help pinpoint the areas where change will help move your swimming on to the next level.

As part of our service we will video your swimming and then during the poolside 1-to-1 feed back session we will talk you through areas of your stroke that could be improved and show you demonstrations of appropriate technique drills for you to practise. You will then have a chance to get back into the water and practise some of the drills. At the end of the session we will provide you with a DVD copy of your swim, overlaid with analysis and recommended stroke improvement drills – complete with video examples.  

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding this service or to book your Swim Video Analysis session.