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Here is what some of our athletes have to say about us


We want to share with you some of the benefits that our athletes have experienced as a result of using our services.

Jo from Stroud

After about 5 years of running on a regular basis, I hit a bit of brick wall with my training. I was still going out for runs frequently but I was just plodding along and my race times plateaued. So when I found about Andy Gardner’s training plans, I thought this might be a great way to kick-start my training and help me get some new PBs! Andy talked to me about my achievements so far and my future running targets, and then helped me set some realistic short and long-term goals. I now receive personalised training plans, which not only help me train for my target races, but also fit around my busy and erratic work schedule, and combine run training with swimming and cycling.


I noticed a marked improvement almost immediately that I started my first 3-week plan from Andy! All of a sudden my training had much more structure and purpose, and I was enjoying pushing myself on every run, rather than just aimlessly pounding the pavement. This has already translated into results as, since I began receiving coaching from Andy, I’ve achieved a new 5K and 10K PB. More generally I am finding my pacing is more consistent and that I am able to run faster for longer, whilst the technique exercises Andy sets for me help me stay more relaxed and efficient when I run, even if I am going flat out. On top of this, it is extremely motivating to have the support and encouragement of someone with so much experience of coaching and competing.


My next big target is a half marathon. I find half marathons a really tough distance to race – but I know that Andy’s expert coaching will help me prepare as best as I can, so that on race day I’m ready to smash my PB!


Mark from Dursley

Having taken part in a few triathlons I knew that I needed some professional help to increase my fitness and iron out my lack of skill in the water. Andy is a coach with an eye for detail, he's been very patient with me and has been very understanding of my needs. He has transformed my swimming style so that I'm now more efficient and my stroke now resembles front crawl and not a windmill in the water. My training package is well constructed and is tailored to my ability and the feedback from Andy is both constructive and encouraging. Prior to this I just went running and cycling and there was no rhythm or rhyme to my training and I wasn't really progressing. My coaching plan tells me what I need to do and how hard I need to push. Andy always ensures I know why I'm doing each element and asks for feedback from me as I progress. I'm now fitter than I've been for years and truly enjoy the sport.

I aim to keep using Andy for many seasons and I would, without a doubt, recommend him to others.


Nick from Stroud

Andy has been my triathlon coach for the last 2 years and has guided me and worked with me to make sure I train effectively and build my training around my events and goals each year.  Over the past two years I’ve seen significant gains in my speed and stamina and have been able to reduce my times each time I’ve entered both triathlon and run races.  His technical knowledge combined with his graduated physical plans have made all the difference.  Without it would I not be in the condition I am thinking of age group qualification over the next two years