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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

  • Massage specifc to you as an individual

  • Full postural and "range of  movement" assessment during first session

  • Massage for Pre- and Post-event, injury rehabilitation and general maintenance

  • Kinesiology / Sports Taping - to assist healing and rehabilitation from injury and to help with posture and performance

Sports Massage Therapy helps maintain the body in a generally better condition, prevents injuries and loss of mobility, cures and restores injured muscle tissue and can help improve sporting performance and/or movement in normal everyday life.


As part of a regular training programme, sports massage can help develop and maintain strong, flexible muscles that are in balance with each other, thus reducing the risk of injury. Sports massage will help release tension and stress and remove general aches, pains and niggles that can build up over time. Should injury occur, massage helps restore mobility and function and aids the return to normality with minimal interuption.


Anyone can benefit from sports massage, not just athletes; people with physically demanding jobs and those with jobs that make them prone to postural problems, i.e. spending a lot of time sitting, can all benefit from massage.


Andy Gardner provides sports massage sessions in the Stroud and Five Valleys area focussed on the needs of the individual. The sessions will help you remain injury free and able to maintain an active lifestyle. Whether you are looking for massage to help you with your general conditioning; resolve niggles, aches and pains; as part of an injury rehabilitation programme or are looking for a pre/post event massage Andy will be able to help.


Kinesiology/sports taping can provide benefits to all. Helping to reduce pain and swelling post injury and aiding rehabilitation and performance through muscle facilitation and inhibition as apprpriate and through functional and posutal correction.


As a coach and experienced runner, cyclist, swimmer and triathlete, Andy  understands the stresses put on the body through training and racing. This enables him to provide effective sports massage and taping that meets the specific needs of the active athlete. The sports massage sesisons will help you remain injury free and will ensure the muscles you use for your sport are strong, flexible and in balance.


Should you have an injury, Andy's experience as an athlete, coach and personal trainer will enable him to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation programme that will help get you back on track as safely and quickly as feasible.


Sports Massage Therapy Sessions are £35 per hour.


We have some appointments available evenings and weekends


For more information or to book an appointment please contact us -


phone: 07743 761 436

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